Snack Cakes

Everything is 100% vegan/plant-based. Most items can be made with gluten free ingredients. Ask about sliding scale pricing.

Snack Cake Pricing: $5 each if less than a dozen. $4 each for a dozen or more. Minimum is 1/2 dozen of each type of snack cake.

Funny Cake
Decadent chocolate cupcake with a peanut butter cream filling. Coated in vegan chocolate.

Funfetti Snack Cake
Handheld funfetti cake coated with white chocolate and rainbow sprinkles.

Libra Cake
Handheld white cake with marshmallow cream filling. Coated in white chocolate & a chocolate drizzle.

Strawberry Snack Cake
Handheld white cake coated in strawberry white chocolate.

You may request custom snack cakes. If interested, the mix & match options are listed below:

Base: White Cake, Chocolate Cake, Sugar Cookie
Filling: Marshmallow cream, Peanut butter cream, Buttercream (chocolate or vanilla)
Dip/Coating: White chocolate, Milk chocolate, Strawberry chocolate

Other more specific requests may cost more!

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